Thursday, 9 March 2017

Get the Right Shave

Men and women have been shaving for over thousands of years. However, there are still many who fail to do it the right way. The article below will provide valuable information on how to get the right shave.

When it comes to grooming, there are a number of things that men need to do. This not only ensures good hygiene but also makes them look confident and smart. Hence, you are required to keep numerous things in mind. Right from wearing a good cologne, clothes, shoes, accessories, everything needs to be given equal attention. Even when it comes to using the best hair gel in India or just getting a shave.
While many might assume they are shaving right, there are quite a few who are still struggling. In spite of the advancement in shaving technology, many guys are still seen with a razor burn, cuts, and more. The article below will provide you with some valuable tips when it comes to choosing the right shaving products that make shaving easy, quick, clean and safe.

Choosing the right razor:
People often make mistakes when they have to choose the right razor for shaving. In case you are looking to invest in a razor, ensure to keep the below two things in mind:
·         Size of the handle
·         Overall weight of the razor
A well-designed razor will guarantee to provide comfort in your hand while shaving. Moreover, it will also be easy to hold and manoeuvre. If your razor is too light, you will put more pressure and get yourself cut. If it is too heavy, you will still apply pressure due to excess weight of the razor. So make sure to choose a razor that is not too heavy or light and comes with a long handle.
You should also consider paying attention to the gap between the blade and whether the safety bar is consistent and even on both sides. A good idea is to go for razors that are not cheap and come with high-quality controls. Only such razors ensure a clean, easy and safe shaving.

Shaving cream:
Now that you know how to choose the right razor, another shaving product that needs to be given equal importance is the shaving cream.
We often come across a variety of shaving creams in the market. As a result, it gets very daunting when it comes to choosing the right one. A good shaving cream will nourish your skin and lubricate your skin to get the perfect shave. It will also keep your skin well-hydrated even after shaving.
So before you choose the right shaving cream, ensure to know your skin type. If you happen to have a dry skin consider going with those that have a glycerine base. If you have a sensitive skin, choose a cream that contains no fragrance at all.
If you happen to have an oily skin, a shaving cream that have mild astringent works best. As your skin pores are likely to clog, a mild astringent will help reduce the amount of oil and aid in a smoother shave.

Patience is the key:
Buying the right shaving products is not enough, you also need to have patience as well. So don’t rush when you shave. Start by washing your face with a good mens face wash that will help soften the protein in the hair. Make sure to leave it for a minute before you wash it off. The longer you let it stay, the better as it softens your skin and ensures a smooth shave.

Appropriate use of the razor:
Now that you have everything in place, make sure to shave appropriately. It is advised that you start with the sides, then move on to the moustache area followed by the chin. Shaving the hair on the chin at the end allows the shaving cream enough time to moisten the hair, resulting in a better shave.
However, if you prefer getting it done by an expert, it is always a good idea to go to a salon. They have the right shaving products and knowledge that can help you get the best shave. Even if you like keeping a stubble or a beard, these experts can help you with the latest style in the fashion world. Not only that, they will also give you a haircut, massage and much more at affordable rates.

So whether you choose to do it yourself or go to the salon, make sure the shaving cream, razor and the technique is right. 

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